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Special Packages


4 Day Package
Kabalebo Nature Resort 

Main Lodge special offer starting from €585.00 per person

In a world that moves too fast, Kabalebo Nature Resort offers a welcome tonic of relaxation and discovery. Days are filled with rain-forest adventure and exploration, and nights are spent reliving the day’s discoveries.

At Kabalebo Nature Resort you’ll share new experiences with those like-minded travelers who don’t measure a getaway in days, but in how long one is under its spell. And Kabalebo Nature Resort offers a surprising array of services and amenities. Considering everything, at the property comes from the surrounding forest or had to be flown in from the city.

Relax poolside or enjoy the bar, and savor the regional menu in our restaurant. In the rain-forest, the agendas and mandates of regular life are a world away.

3 Day Package

Standard Lodge special offer starting from €345.00 per person

In Danpaati River Lodge you can immerse yourselve in pristine nature, discover the Saramaccan maroon culture, all while your visit at the same time contributing to the care of the local population. Danpaati River Lodge is for those who are looking for a different kind of holiday full of adventure, exciting jungle- and village hikes and extraordinary meetings with local Maroon population.

14 Day Package

Starting at €3400.00 per person 

Visit the Three Guianas: French Guiana, Suriname and Guyana. Now you can experience these three countries in one visit! Experience many different cultures, three languages and a variety of activities within two weeks. Go on jungle hikes, experience the cultural diversity, visit authentic local villages, fly to the highest single drop waterfall in the world, see the biggest wooden city in the world and go to the space center where 85% of all telecom satellites are launched.



Frederiksdorp is a former coffee and cocoa plantation. In the 18th century this plantation was founded by a German man from Prussia named Johan Friedrich Knoffel. The history of Frederiksdorp recalls both European and African traditions. Frederiksdorp is centrally situated along the Commewijne river, making it an important logistic town. Now a days Frederiksdorp features adventurous activities like dolphins spotting, long cycling- and hiking trails, visiting fishing villages, sea beaches, mangrove forests. Activities that the surrounding plantations don’t have.

This former plantation with the original plantation houses and even a former police station, has been declared a world heritage site and is recently transformed into an beautiful resort. The comfortably furnished apartments are all equipped with air conditioning, wifi and hot water. There is also a swimming pool with a beautiful pool deck and a large river terrace. On the estate fruit is planted that you can pick yourself: oranges, mangoes, papayas and coconuts. The plantation also has a good restaurant and a well-stocked bar where you can enjoy typical Surinamese meals. Optional tours are offered in the vicinity, from educational to adventurous tours. There are also bikes to rent for those who want to explore Frederiksdorp on their own.

Frederiksdorp is also an excellent base for other tours throughout the Commewijne district.

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Christiaankondre and Langamankondre, in the area known as Galibi, are two traditional Amerindian villages located next to each other along the Marowijne river at the mouth of the Atlantic Ocean. Both villages have a sandy beach, which is ideal for long strolls. These villages were formed after the period of slavery and they extended to rather large Amerindian villages with a population of approximately 750 inhabitants. The most important means of life for the local people is fishery. In the sea-turtle season, from February to August, you will also visit the breeding places where the gigantic sea turtles come each year to lay their eggs. 


Tours of the cities

The include all tours in and around the city. One of the more popular city tours is the Dolphin Tour. Also enjoy a unique view of the city with the Paramaribo City Tour.



Visa and Tourist Card requirements

Travel visa and a passport, valid for at least 6 months after intended stay in Suriname are normally required. On November 25, 2011, the Government of Suriname introduced a “Tourist Card” in addition to the existing visa types. The “Tourist Card” allows passport holders one entry to the Republic of Suriname for tourist purposes. NB. A multiple visa is required for a visit to Suriname and re-entry for further travel. For example, a visit to French Guyana from Suriname, followed by re-entry in Suriname. 

Health Requirements

All passengers travelling from risk countries ( see list of countries WHO), and who would be travelling onboard our flights, in case they are not vaccinated for Yellow Fever, we strongly advise to have it taken within 10 days prior to travel with us.
Passengers need to have the INTERNATIONAL CERTIFICATE OF VACCINATION with them at all times which needs to be presented when requested. If you fail to present this document, we would be forced to deny you travelling onboard our flight. 


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