Bigi Pan - Nw. Nickerie Tour 


The tour starts in Paramaribo where you will depart for a 3-hour trip by bus to Nickerie. On the way, you will enjoy interesting sights such as the bridge over the Coppename river and the State Oil Company, “Staatsolie”. Bigi Pan, well known for its abundance of birds and fish. Almost 122 different types of birds have already been spotted in the Bigi Pan of which 72 exist in the area the whole year round. Amongst others, the red ibis, the fish-hawk, the stems and the stilt-walkers. Bigi Pan is a special place of interest for everyone and is an ideal spot for birdwatchers.The Bigi Pan Eco Resort is located in the middle of the Bigi Pan lake and is the first and only touristic resort in Bigi Pan. There is a breathtaking view over the lake from your balcony and you will litteraly be blown away by the everlasting breeze. During your stay at this Bigi Pan Eco resort, you will be able to do a lot of different adventurous activities. The adventure starts during the boat trip when heading for the resort, where you will spectacularly cross a dyke and chase wild life.
The complete resort is build out of wood and has 10 double rooms, each with its own toilet and 2-single beds. There is a dining area and a shared bathroom and, electricity is limited, it is generated by solar panels and is mainly used for lighting. Afterwards, return trip to Paramaribo.
Included during the tour: bus and boat transportation, meals, accommodation and a local guide.
Departure at 09.00 hrs in the morning from Paramaribo by bus. Return in Paramaribo, the following day, at 17.00 hrs. 

Depending on the season and water level, the following activities are offered:

  • Bird spotting**
  • Cayman- & Snake spotting
  • Sightseeing trip
  • Mud-bath
  • Traditional Fishing
  • Kayaking

** The amount and type of bird species in this area is strongly dependent on the season.


  • Transportation from Paramaribo - Nickerie / Nickerie - Paramaribo
  • Boat
  • Travel time 60 min (Departure Jetty Nickerie river - Bigi Pan lodge)
  • Departure*09.00 hrs
  • Arrival back at departure point 17:00 hrs next day
  • Schedule Daily (with a minimum of 2 persons)


  • accommodation, 2x lunch, 1x dinner, 1x breakfast, non alcoholic drinks, local excursions 
  • Excluded alcoholic drinks (not obtainable at the lodge, possibilities of purchase on the way there),
  • Transfer** from Paramarbo to meeting point in Nickerie visa versa

*The departure time is from a jetty along the Nickerie river. A difference of 15 minutes is considered normal