Terms & Policies



Most tour operators (like Pristine Rainforest Tours) list their rates in EURO.
The most advantageous way to pay is cash or by bank* in Euro or USD.
Followed by cash in SRD.

* If there are any additional bank charges, these should be paid by the customer. If it turns out that not the full agreed amount is credited to our account, the difference should still be paid before participating or checking in.


In case of a travel arrangement cancellation 21 to 30 days before the date of departure, not taking the day of departure into account, a penalty of 25% of the total travel amount is payable. At cancellation of a trip 14 to 20 days before the date of departure, a penalty of 50%, and at less than 14 days notice, the full amount shall be payable. For cancellation of tours to a country abroad, the following applies: 56 to 60 days prior to departure, the day of departure not included, a penalty is payable of 25% of the total travel amount. At cancellation 46 to 55 days prior to departure, 50% of the total travel amount and at cancellation within 45 days, the full travel amount. 




Beneficiary Bank                      REPUBLIC BANK SURINAME N.V.

Address                                    Kerkplein 1, P.O. Box 1836, Paramaribo - Suriname
Swift code:                               RBNKSRPAXXX
Account number beneficiary:   USD:  RBNKSRPAXXX6000022875
                                                 EUR:  RBNKSRPAXXX5000014146
Ultimate Beneficiary:                PRISTINE RAINFOREST TOURS

Address Beneficiary:                Verlengde Gemeenelandsweg 122, Paramaribo - Suriname
Details of Payment:                  Invoice Number