Kabalebo Nature Resort

4 DAYS EXCURSION Starting at €735.00 per person 

In a world that moves too fast, Kabalebo Nature Resort offers a welcome tonic of relaxation and discovery. Days are filled with rain-forest adventure and exploration, and nights are spent reliving the day’s discoveries.

At Kabalebo Nature Resort you’ll share new experiences with those like-minded travelers who don’t measure a getaway in days, but in how long one is under its spell. And Kabalebo Nature Resort offers a surprising array of services and amenities. Considering everything, at the property comes from the surrounding forest or had to be flown in from the city. Relax poolside or enjoy the bar, and savor the regional menu in our restaurant. In the rain-forest, the agendas and mandates of regular life are a world away.

Deep in the Amazon rain-forest and accessible only by air, the beautiful Kabalebo Nature Resort offers an exceptional level of comfort and unforgettable memories. Even for those with a lifetime of incredible travel experiences.

Kabalebo Nature Resort is a 3.5-star resort that is situated on the Kabalebo River in the western region of Suriname, and 150 miles from the nearest road or village. This intriguing Amazon outpost is efficiently run and guided by descendants of the original Amerindian and African Maroons.

Kabalebo Nature Resort is a dazzling nature resort situated in the pristine uninhabited Amazon jungle in the western part of Suriname. The precise spot can be narrowed down to the area of the Bakhuys Mountain at the Kabalebo River. The name “Kabalebo” in the language of the Caraib Amerindians means, “arch in the river”.

The only way to travel to the resort is by airplane. The airstrip is situated next to the resort and was built in the 60’s of the last century during Operation Grasshopper, which was to open the doors to the interior in order to survey the natural resources and to lay the foundation for further development.

The owner of Kabalebo Nature Resort, Karel Dawson, started visiting this area in 1986; initially for fishing purposes. The first flight brought Karel and his friends to an airstrip heavily overgrown with grass. The sharp edge of the propeller was used to carve out a small path to the arrival station. Having landed safely their first activity was to widen the small path with machetes in order to allow a safe take off. This beautiful lot of uninhabited jungle made such an impression on Karel that it led him to share this experience with others.


The Main Lodge was the first structure to be built when the resort was conceived and offers ten (10) standard double rooms that each have private bathrooms with shower, and hot and cold running water. For those wishing for a little more indulging rooms, air conditioning is available against an extra charge.

The Main Lodge has a fantastic and spacious veranda where you can enjoy a stunning sunrise and sunset. The spacious veranda also offers a spectacular view of the Misty Mountain. The veranda is furnished with modern chairs and hammocks and meals are a high point of everyone’s day!


  • The rooms are serviced daily and all meals are served at the Main Lodge.

  • Upon arrival guests are welcomed at the Main Lodge and are provided with a short introduction of the resort and its facilities.

  • The restaurant and kitchen are located in the Main Lodge

  • Overall, the Main Lodge is the central point of the resort

At Kabalebo Nature Resort we are delighted to present to you, our newest Suites. These four (4) deluxe family-sized Suites are situated about a 5 minutes-walking distance from our Main Lodge, and just a stone’s throw away from our Swimming Pool and Inspiration Point.

These are the most spacious and exquisite of our accommodation facilities on the resort, sporting queen-sized canopy beds and other modern and unique amenities, catering to your ultimate relaxation needs, while providing both privacy and a sense of freedom.

These pristine Suites can each accommodate up to four persons, making them ideal for individual nature lovers, family getaways, and other group trips. The suites are perfectly situated with a great mountain and pool view from the balconies. Here you can find peace and tranquility while enjoying nature at its best. It is also a good location for close encounters with Macaws and Parrots, Agouti, Deer and Tapir crossing the Airstrip.

As the name suggests, the river cabins are situated on the banks of the Kabalebo River. These elevated bungalows exceed ones imagination of jungle comfort in such a remote and inaccessible location.

The wooden deluxe river-view cabins offer one bedroom with single bed, a spacious veranda and are situated on high ground above the river with steps leading right from the room to the river. Kabalebo Nature Resort offers these very private and romantic cabins to all our guest but especially to those who seek a bit more privacy and peace. There are three (3) deluxe river-view double rooms, each equipped with air conditioning, a bathroom with hot shower and toilet, refrigerator (mini bar) and a front terrace. The view from these river cabins is the unspoiled Amazon jungle, as far as the eye can see.

The cabins are about 15 minutes walking distance from the Main Lodge where all meals are served. However guest can arrange for pick up and drop off in the resorts golf car or dugout canoe using a radio provided by the resort. Of course one can also take a relaxing walk to the Main Lodge. All river cabins have 110V electricity.


  • The River Cabins cannot be rented without air-conditioning.

  • The rooms are serviced daily and all meals are served at the Main Lodge.

Inspiration Point is situated next to an orchard and is one of the more spacious accommodations of Kabalebo Nature Resort offering stunning views of Misty Mountain. The lodge contains six (6) superior double rooms, all built using wood from the surrounding jungle and elegantly furnished.

Each room has a private en suite bathroom with shower and toilet with hot and cold running water, a fan, air-conditioning, and a front and a rear balcony. Inspiration Point offers you privacy whilst allowing you the opportunity to meet some fellow travelers and share experiences.

The resorts swimming pool is located next to Inspiration point and it is only a few minutes stroll from the main resort area. All meals are served in the main lodge.


  • The Inspiration Point rooms can be rented without air-conditioning.

The Uncle Piet’s lodge is perfect for those who seek a little more adventure. The lodge is about a 3 hour boat ride from the Main Lodge and close to a beautiful rapid on the Kabalebo river bank. There will be a full time Kabalebo employee with you during your stay at the Uncle Piet’s lodge.

The lodge has 4 rustic standard double rooms with a private shower & toilet, and a shared front terrace. Sitting on the terrace, you can relax while gazing at the jungle and be mesmerized by the river. The most exciting thing about a stay at Uncle Piet’s Lodge, is most likely the sensational campfire by the river bank underneath the enchanting sky filled with stars. Fishing is the order of the day and you are guaranteed to catch some amazing fish on your line.


  • Uncle Piet’s lodge fully runs on solar energy.

  • The rooms are serviced daily.