Brownsberg - Stone Island Tour 

2 Days EXCURSION €145.00 per person

At the foot of the Brownsberg in the Brokopondo Lake, lies the beautiful peninsula “Ston Island”. The breathtaking view of the lake with its typical tree trunks artistically emerging from the waters is an attraction of its own. Because of its central location, Ston Island is suitable for adventurous activities such as jungle hikes, fishing and cruising in a dugout canoe. With a bit of luck you may catch a Peacock Bass, Silver Croaker or the notorious Piranha. A visit to Brownsberg is also part of the program. This Nature Reserve is not only praised for its exotic wild life and beautiful flora and fauna, but also for its adventurous hikes through the rainforest and exploration to its idyllic waterfalls.

Highlights/ Activities

  • Tropical rainforest with a high biodiversity

  • Adventurous jungle trails

  • Idyllic waterfalls

  • Panoramic views over the Brokopondo Lake

  • Overnight in a rustic but cozy lodge

  • Animal spotting (350 different types of bird, 8 different types of monkeys etc)

  • Fishing in search of the greatest Tucunari (Peacock Bass)

  • Cruising on the lake in a Kayak** or motorized boat**


What makes this tour special

  • Only two-day tour to the real pristine Jungle

  • Beautiful flora and fauna

  • Excellent blend of nature and action

General Information 

Transportation              Bus

Travel time                   120 min.

Departure                    06.50 hrs**

Return Time                 19.00 hrs

Schedule                     Tuesdays (with a minimum of 2 persons)

Included:                     Transfer*, guide, entrée fees, accommodation for 1 night, 1x breakfast, 2x lunch, 1x diner, coffee, thee, water, lemonade

Excluded                     Other drinks and snacks, kayak and boat rental

** the departure time depends on the pick-up address and therefore varies from place to place. Departure time shown are from Krasnapolsky Hotel (in the City Center) Please check your voucher or invoice for the exact departure time and departure location. A difference of 15 minutes is considered normal.

Please bring

  • Hat or cap

  • Good walking shoes

  • Extra batteries for camera

  • Long pants and long sleeve

  • Dry clothes

  • Mosquito Milk

  • Sunscreen

  • Swimwear

  • Backpack

  • Pocket change SRD

  • Waterproof bag to protect electronics and valuables