Galibi Turtle Tour



Christiaankondre and Langamankondre, in the area known as Galibi, are two traditional Amerindian villages located next to each other along the Marowijne river at the mouth of the Atlantic Ocean. Both villages have a sandy beach, which is ideal for long strolls. These villages were formed after the period of slavery and they extended to rather large Amerindian villages with a population of approximately 750 inhabitants. The most important means of life for the local people is fishery. In the sea-turtle season, from February to August, you will also visit the breeding places where the gigantic sea turtles come each year to lay their eggs.
Included during the tour: bus and boat transportation, overnight in a sleeping-accommodation, meals and drinks (non-alcoholic), Dutch and English speaking tour guide.  
Departure: 08.00 hrs. Return: the following day or day 3 at 17.00 hrs. 


In order not to disturb the sea turtles we request you urgently to strictly follow the instructions of the guide during the visit to the beach where they lay their eggs.

On the return trip to Albina you will visit St. Laurent; hereby you may enter the local jail by choice. For entering Banjo the entrance fee is included in the price. 

Highlights / Activities

  • Witnessing sea turtles laying their eggs (a timeless phenomenon)

  • Adventure cruise on the Marowijne River

  • Indigenous Culture

  • Visit to St. Laurent, French Guiana

  • Historic Route (covering the civil War)

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