Visa and Tourist Card requirements

Travel visa and a passport, valid for at least 6 months after intended stay in Suriname are normally required. On November 25, 2011, the Government of Suriname introduced a “Tourist Card” in addition to the existing visa types. The “Tourist Card” allows passport holders one entry to the Republic of Suriname for tourist purposes.

For more information, please contact the Foreign Affairs Department of Suriname or the embassy or consular office in your country.

Address: Ministry of Foreign, Henck Arronstraat #8 Paramaribo

Tel. : 00597- 471756/471209 Fax.: 597- 410411 

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NB. A multiple visa is required for a visit to Suriname and re-entry for further travel. For example, a visit to French Guyana from Suriname, followed by re-entry in Suriname. 
Visa Charges Tourist visa costs vary between € 40, - and € 45.00,-, valid 2 months.  

The “Tourist Card” costs $40.00 (U.S.) *€35.00 (EURO) and can is available at the port of entry in Suriname (at Johan Adolf Pengel International Airport).

Travelers must present a valid passport (minimum six months) and a return ticket. The Tourist Card is valid 90 days, starting from the date of entry. 

Health Requirements


All passengers travelling from risk countries ( see list of countries WHO), and who would be travelling onboard our flights, in case they are not vaccinated for Yellow Fever, we strongly advise to have it taken within 10 days prior to travel with us.
Passengers need to have the INTERNATIONAL CERTIFICATE OF VACCINATION with them at all times which needs to be presented when requested.
If you fail to present this document, we would be forced to deny you travelling onboard our flight.
Please click on the image below to read the official notice of the Ministry of Health with regards to Yellow Fever.